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Author – Anna Lynn

I once had a friend tell me that a vagina is like a snowflake – unique and beautiful (what a guy!). Individual differences aside, each ladyflower still has plenty in common with her fellow coochies. Whether you’re a woman or a just a man who’s still mystified by the black hole that gave him life, it’s good to know what you’re working with. Here a few facts to set things straight. Did you know? (Some are pierced, some are tattooed, some are soft spoken and some are in your face! Check them out – and color them in – in the highly acclaimed “Big Coloring Book of Vaginas.”)

The Vagina Is Just One Part of the “Apple Pie”

We tend (and by “we” I mean everyone but a gynecologist) to use the word “vagina” to refer to the whole down-there package. Uh uh. The word vagina actually refers to the canal between the vulva and the cervix. In other words, it’s not what you see on “Girls Gone Wild.” That honor is (generally) reserved for the external parts of the female genitalia, including the clitoris, inner labia, outer labia and perineum.

The Clitoris and the Penis Are One and the Same

Or at least they start out that way. Through the wonders of science, we now know that the bundle of tissue that makes up a woman’s clitoris is the very same as the one that makes up the penis. Ditto for the testicles and ovaries, clitoral hood and foreskin … you get the picture. We’re all the same, weird little peanuts until about the sixth week of gestation, when our sex cells begin to differentiate into male and female. The real question is, if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how did we evolve with the same naughty bits? (Learn more about the penis in 10 Things You Don’t Know About Penises.)

The G-Spot’s Really a C-Spot

The G-spot used to be a bit of a poontang poltergeist, as it were; it could rattle the roof, but geeky experts with funny instruments continued to seek proof of its existence. Well, now you have it: Proof. The G-spot is real. After years of fumbling around, a team at the University of L’Aquila finally found it in 2008. (For those who haven’t been so lucky, it’s on the front side of the vagina, not far from the belly button.) And, as it turns out, the G-spot is also right around the crura, or the deep part of the clitoris, which means that mysterious G-spot may just be part of the age-old go-to spot for orgasm anyway. (Learn more in “Vaginas: An Owner’s Manual.”)

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